To promote and epitomize the mission and objectives of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC), all members are expected to comply with the following Code of Ethics.

DLCC members will:

Conduct themselves in a manner that is not injurious to the reputation, mandate or objectives of the DLCC;

Promote and support the philosophy that breed specific legislation has no practical application in raising public safety or in lowering dog bite incidents;

Promote all efforts and challenges against breed specific legislation, regardless of targeted breed or geographic location;

Promote, encourage and support fair, balanced and effective legislation for all responsible dog owners, handlers, breeders, professionals, dog trainers, groomers, kennels, associations, clubs and organizations, etc.;

Promote, encourage and support strong protective legislation and enforcement for all owners and handlers of guide dogs, assistance dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs;

Promote, support and practice responsible dog ownership through dog owner social responsibility, education, ethical breeding programs, spay/neuter programs, bite prevention programs and municipal, provincial and federal dog legislation;

Endeavour to raise awareness of the contribution made to society by canines as companions, therapy animals, search and rescue animals, law enforcement, and other canine occupations;

Promote and practice humane treatment of all animals under the member’s care including but not limited to the provision of sufficient food and water, adequate shelter, veterinary care, training, control, exercise and socialization;

Promote and support ethical professions and services that promote, encourage and practice humane treatment of all pets;

Strive to advance and cultivate a harmonious relationship between members of the dog owning community and the non dog owning community by exemplifying responsible dog ownership and accountability;

Never partake in nor in any way be party to unethical breeding or breeding for the sole purpose of profit;

Never partake, nor in any way be party to, any illegal activities involving dogs, including but not limited to dog fighting.

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